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50 min 1to1 — €25-50
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Languege school interclass
Use your time effectively. And feel free to travel anywhere any time.
We can be with you everywhere :)
Restore your speaking skills or prepare before a trip or an important meeting? Apply for "Walk and Talk" and practise in headphones while walking in the park, benefiting from pleasant and useful at the same time.

€25 per 50 min (1to1)

Or take a more detailed course to gain profound knowledge.

€35 per 50 min (1to1)
Are you going to a conference or need to run a presentation in front of very important bosses? Or taking part in negotiations? Become more confident with your English and get better results.

€40 per 50 min (1to1)
Broaden your horizons and professional opportunities. Take several topics you need urgently or the whole course.

€40-50 per 50 min (1to1)

The first steps to start studying are:

Understand what you need and why. What for?
It's very important for the following process of studying
How often and when are you available for classes? Your wishes, desires, possibilities?
All the classes are online. Mostly via Skype, Zoom or Telegram in some cases.

It's important that you manage to find good internet connection and some device. Computer with audio and video would be the best option. A tablet or a telephone could work too in some unexpected cases but it's not always comfortable.
Fill the form and we'll finally agree our schedule and plans or choose the starting date from the options below, fill the details while booking it
the schedule could be flexible, though it would be nice to have something to ground on
and also consider the issue that in case the class is cancelled later than 24 before the due time, it's paid 100%.
Pay and start studying
to the card/bank account/etc. for 1/3/10 classes/a month/half a year/...

And continue no matter which city you are in... Business trips, travelling, having a rest, whatever :)

Just take care of the internet and devices. To be sure) 

* you speak English in a dream ,
* you accidentally answer a stranger's question in English,
* in a foreign film translation into your "native language" disturbs you,
then you have finished our courses :)
Since 1999 ...

Yes, for the period 1999-2016, a lot of things have happened, a lot of qualification trainings, changes in our work ...
And in 2016, we finally decided to stop being tied to the place (to the office) and after 17 years of having worked offline and online, we completely switched into distance learning (some corporate training or mini-trainings still take place offline, though even companies are gradually shifting to online platforms with us).

Что включает в себя онлайн занятия/курс?
Все то же самое:
много наглядностей, много разговорной практики, интерактива, ролевых игр, все, что нужно для поддержания фокуса внимания, прогресса и интереса;
мы все так же обращаем внимание на все аспекты языка (грамматика, лексика, восприятие на слух, говорение, письмо),
и, как и оффлайн, доводим большинство из них до ума через разговорную практику.

So, what does an online class / course include?
All the same:
a lot of visualisations, a lot of speaking practice, interactivity, role-plays, games, everything that is needed to maintain the focus of attention, progress and interest;
we still pay attention to all aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing),
and, like offline, we absorb most of them through speaking practice.

What do we particularly like about this?
* an incredible amount of material that is very easy to include into the learning process,
* no binding to the place of events and saving time - no travelling around the entire city,
* the ability to "come" to class even during infections - while no one infects anyone and fffuhh for us the burden of responsibility is off our shoulders eventually,
* the ability to view the materials that were used in the lesson - a good helper for "revising",
* the ability to work with very healthy and beloved teachers, despite the fact that now they no longer live in Kiev, ...

This is our choice) And yours?

Our students say...

  • Anna is the best English teacher you can even dream about! High level professional with great results! Thanks to Anna I became fluent in English, can use it for my work and for my life as I am living abroad now. I studied English in 2005 I guess, then in a few years I hired Anna as a Corporate English teacher for my colleagues and a top manager and all of us are thankful for her help! It is an honour for me to recommend Anna as a great teacher. I didn’t expect this workshop to be so lively and interesting.
    Writer / Culture Translator / Foodie walks organizer
  • Anna is one of the best teachers that I know. Really strict, (all students have to do homework and prepare for classes); flexible, studying is more fun than duty; keeps pace perfectly, and is interested in the result of learning even more than you ;)
    Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • There are very pleasant teachers here (I studied with Anna and Anna). Classes with them brought me both joy and results. We studied at a convenient time for me and with topics that were targeted on me (for example, an interview).
    The teachers mentioned my mistakes and gave me the theory in such a way that I managed to learn how to notice them and correct myself.
    Everyone has notices my progress in English, although I managed to allotted very limited time to classes. Highly recommend.
    Junior Project Manager
  • Anna has an incredible gift for teaching. Her teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities. I have learned so much in my classes with Anna . I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning .
    Thank you, Anna!
  • The most balanced and effective technique, optimal program. And, in case of doing exercises and homework, guaranteed result. 

    And the most important – Anna  is the real professional. And does her job with passion, love and dedication. And it was pleasure to be her student and to become her friend
    MAX Z.
  • Q:
    Is it possible to start studying right now?
    As soon as we agree on the approximate schedule of classes and the program, receive payment for at least 1-2 classes, you we can start.
  • Q:
    If two of us take the class, will the price be the same?

    If you have the same level, goals, objectives, available hours for both of you coincide, then you can team us for the classes.

    In this case, the class costs 1.5 times more, while for each of you it will be 75% of the payment indicated in the tariffs. (Or... you can choose how to split, of course :)

  • Q:
    Why are you better?
    We do not know everyone and cannot conduct an independent analysis of schools.
    We would like all of us to work for quality, for results, and then all of us will live better and happier.
  • Q:
    Are the teachers working for your company students?
    This is a really good and commonly asked question.
    No, we do not work with students. We believe that even with great talent, a certain experience is needed in order for a teacher to really become a professional with an individual approach, ease of giving and practicing information.
  • Q:
    There was a lot of information on the site before. Where can I find it?
    Yes, for more than 20+ years of work, a lot of information has accumulated and we cannot proofread everything fast enough. We do hope that in the near future we will restore what is still important and relevant.

    You can also ask us via any contacts listed on the site.
    We do not always answer right away. At the moment we work without the support of administrators, - only teachers.
    But we always answer!
Contact us:
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