курсы английского и немецкого в Киеве ИнтерКласс

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067-465-86-21; г.Киев, ст.м."Политехнический институт", Политехнический пер., 1/33, оф 6

Курсы английского и немецкого языков в Киеве. ИнтерКласс. Banking and stocks (Glossary)

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Traditional banking

банковское делоI'm Lisa. I have an account at my local branch of one of the big high-street banks. I have a current account for writing cheques, paying by debit card and paying bills. It's a joint account with my husband. Normally, we're in the black, but sometimes we spend more money than we have in the account and we go into the red. This overdraft is agreed by the bank up to a maximum of £500, but we pay quite a high interest rate on it. I also have a deposit account or savings account for keeping money longer term. This account pays us interest (but not very much, especially after tax!). We have a credit card with the same bank too. Buying with plastic is very convenient. We pay off what we spend each month, so we don't pay interest. The interest rate is even higher than for overdrafts!

Like many British people, we have a mortgage, a loan to buy our house.'


Look at the previous text and say if these statements are true or false,

1 Yon talk about the local 'agency' of a high-street bank.
2 Americans refer to current accounts as check accounts.
3 A joint account is held by more than one person.
4 If you put 10,000 euros into a new account and spend 11,000 euros, you have an overdraft of 1,000 euros and you are 1,000 euros in the red.
5 An account for saving money is called a safe account.
6 An account that pays a lot of interest has a high interest rate.
7 If you pay for something with a credit card, you can say, informally, that you use plastic to pay for it.
8 If you pay the complete amount that you owe on a credit card, you pay it down.

New ways of banking

'My name's Kevin. I wasn't happy with my bank. There was always a queue, and on the bank statement that they sent each month they took money out of my account for banking charges that they never explained. So I moved to a bank that offers telephone banking. I can phone them any time to check my account balance (the amount I have in my account), transfer money to other accounts and pay bills.

Now they also offer Internet banking. I can manage my account sitting at my computer at home.'

Personal investing

Lisa again:
'We have a savings account at a building society which is going to be demutualized and turned into a bank with shareholders. All the members will get a windfall, a special once-only payment of some of the society's assets to its members.
We have some unit trusts, shares in investment companies that put money from small investors like me into different companies. My cousin in the US calls unit trusts mutual funds.
I also pay contributions into a private pension, which will give me a regular income when I stop working. I've never joined a company pension scheme and the government state pension is very small!'


Match the sentence beginnings (1-3) with the correct endings (a-c).

1 Investment companies are reporting a sharp increase in the number of
2 Consumers are using their windfall gains from building society
3 Peter is 26 and is wondering whether to join his company pension scheme. He would contribute a small percentage of his salary and his employer would make an equivalent contribution.

a If he decides to stay for at least two years he should join. If not, he should take
out a personal pension.
b small investors who are investing in unit trusts.
c demutualizations to buy new furniture or a new car [1, p.78-79].

Financial centres

английский для финансистовFinancial centres (in American English centers) are places where there are many banks and other financial institutions. London as a financial centre is called the City or the Square Mile, and New York is Wall Street.
Financial centres bring together investors and the businesses that need their investment. A speculator is an investor who wants to make a quick profit, rather than invest over a longer period of time.
Brokers, dealers and traders buy and sell for investors and in some cases, for themselves or the organizations they work for.


Correct the eight mistakes in italics in this article, using the text about financial centers above.

Now that a lot of buying and selling can be done over computer networks, (1) breakers and (2) tradesmen do not need to be in one place, and (3) speculists can make money dealing from a computer in their living room.
In New York, the area around (4) the South Bronx is traditionally home to many financial institutions, such as the New York Stock Exchange. But many of them have now moved some or all of their offices outside this expensive area.
London is one of Europe's most important financial (5) towns: over 500 foreign banks have offices in London, and its stock exchange is the largest in Europe. But more and more financial (6) institutes are not actually based in the traditional area of the: (7) Citadel or (8) Mile Square. As in New York, they are moving to areas where property is cheaper.
So, will financial centres continue to be as important in the future as they are now?

Stock markets

stockmarket englishHeather Macdonald of Advanced Components:

'We needed more capital to expand, so we decided to float the company (sell shares for the first time) in a flotation. Our shares were issued, and listed or quoted tor the first time on the stock market. Because we are a UK-based company, we are listed on the London stock exchange. Stock markets in other countries are also called bourses. Maybe when our company is really big, we'll issue more shares on one of the European bourses!'
Note: You can write stock market or stock market; one or two words.

Other financial markets

Other financial products include:

• commercial paper: short-term lending to businesses.
• bonds: longer-term lending to businesses and the government.
• currencies (foreign exchange or forex): buying and selling the money of particular countries.
• commodities: metals and farm products.

These are traded directly between dealers by phone and computer. Commodities are also traded in a commodities exchange. Shares, bonds and commercial paper are securities, and the financial institutions that deal in them are securities houses.


A futures contract is an agreement giving an obligation to sell a fixed amount of a security or commodity at a particular price on a particular future date. An options contract is an agreement giving the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a security or commodity at a particular price at a particular future time, or in a period of future time.
These contracts are derivatives. Dealers guess how the price of the underlying security or commodity will change in the future, and use derivatives to try to buy them more cheaply.


Look at the text above and say if these statements are true or false.

1 'Stocks' is another name for shares.
2 'Stock market' means the same as 'stock exchange'.
3 Bourses are only found in France.
4 An American would normally talk about shares 'quoted' on the New York Stock Exchange.
5 Shares in Company X are being sold for the first time. This is a flotation [1, p.80-81]

1.Bill Mascull. Business Vocabulary in Use. Intermediate // Cambridge University Press. - 172 p.

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